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one love

This is my personal journey born out of the need to keep my heart from turning to stone during social unrest, Covid and uncertainties in the world.  I used my paint brush to tell the story without saying a word. For the past three years I painted from a place of strength, gentleness and at times whimsy.


ONE LOVE expressed my feelings of hope, joy, love and healing.  These images reflected the strength and softness that women hold within them. Able to effect change, my new work may not change minds but may change hearts as we find our commonalities. May the viewer find their own powerful emotions of love.


Each day for two plus years I painted positive images while consumed with the challenges of navigating a new normal.  My canvas came alive.  I was inspired each day in so many ways.  ONE LOVE represents a means of healing and bridging communities. ONE LOVE embraces cultures worldwide and the message done through my art continues to circle the globe.

Please click on a painting to begin slideshow.
Original pieces and prints are avialable for purchase, contact us for details 
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